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Health & Harmony
for Anyone, Everywhere!

If you are looking to raise up your health, wellbeing and consciousness, we have many supportive services for you to choose from.

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We are simply setting out to shine
a little more light into your life by 
sharing the skills & practices
with you so you can experience more health, harmony, love & joy
all whilst being supported by a community of like
minded & like
hearted souls.

Our Approach

Conscious Human Community

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The Unity in

Building a Community of like minded & like hearted souls.

Life is so much more joyful when we are surrounded & supported by like minded & like hearted souls that simply understand each other.

Whilst the Conscious Human Community is early in it's development, we are committed to providing it's community with a safe, nurturing environment where we can experience learning, growth & evolution together.

If you like the feel of this, come & say hello, we would love to meet you.

In Person Classes

Melbourne, Australia.

If you live in Melbourne, Australia and enjoy the community of in person classes, we would love to meet you at one of our events.


If you live outside of Melbourne, you can read about our online services below. 

“Since joining the Conscious Human Community early in 2021, I have learnt what true spiritualism is & I’m really grateful to have Nathan as a teacher”

Tracey Rubery, WA

Online Services Coming Soon

Physically we can only be in one place at any given time, however that doesnt mean we can't be with you Anywhere, Anytime!

The team within the Conscious Human Community are currently in the process of packaging our learning & practices in a way where you will be able to receive the benefits of our services via an App on your favourite device.

Please feel welcome & Subscribe to our Community & we will let you know when our App & early bird offers are being launched!

Free Community Subscription

Subscribe to receive email updates & access to exclusive subscriber content. 

Thanks for Subscribing!

Meet the Team

Our role is to serve our Community to learn how to develop harmony in ones life.

Connect In

If there is anything we can help you with, please feel welcome to reach out by filling in the form below & we will reply asap.

Take care!

You can contact us either via email or filling in the form below.


Thanks for Connecting In!


Please note that we facilitate at a variation of venues & these listed here are just some of those.

For an accurate address, please check the Class Calendar.

Hawthorn Library

584 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn VIC 3122

Olinda Community House

79-81 Olinda-Monbulk Rd, Olinda VIC 3788

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