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Grounding & Unifying With Our Planet

with Nathan Ryu, 60 mins, Online

  • Online

Lesson Info

Conscious Human Community Hello & welcome to the Conscious Human Community where we are a growing group of like minded and like hearted souls enjoying a life of learning and growth together. Grounding and Unifying with our Planet - Class & Meditation This is an online event only on this date. To move into authentic harmony in ones life, it is critical to remember that you are part of nature and nature is supposed to organically flow through you. By embracing the natural laws of nature in all life, you will find your life experience will naturally move into a state of flow and grace. Some of the first steps towards making these states of being a permanent way of life is to become grounded into the reality of the present moment, in all moments and into the planet herself. Because our bodies are made from our planet, it is easy to connect, ground and open up the natural flows of life through our body and unify into harmony with our planet with some very simple techniques and practices. When applied on a regular basis, we learn how to slow our busy lives down, life becomes very simple and beautiful in profound ways maybe not even experienced before. But the beauty has always been there, just waiting for us to become consciously aware of it which will bring you enormous health benefits. During our time together, we will share learning with you and enter into a meditation process so you can take this learning away with you to benefit your daily lives. If this topic is of interest, we would love to meet you and help you to also find harmony in your life. PLEASE NOTE: All Conscious Human Classes are a judgment free zone, a safe space of compassion, respect, patience and tolerance to explore more of who and what we truly are. Please be respectful, calm and willing to learn new things. To best prepare for this class, please take 10 minutes before class starts to be well hydrated, in a calm and relaxed space and then login into the waiting room at 7.55pm AEDT and continue in a relaxed space until the facilitator starts the class . If you arrive late, we apologies in advance that you have missed this class as we don't want any interruptions or disturbances from people coming late, though of course you are welcome to attend future events. We look forward to sharing this journey with you! With Gratitude Conscious Human Community

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