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This service is not available, please contact for more information.

Meditation & Nature Walk

with Nathan Ryu, 4 hours, in person - Sherbrooke Falls

  • 25 Australian dollars
  • Olinda Community House

Lesson Info

Conscious Human Community is a growing community of like minded & like hearted souls which enjoy coming together to explore the nature of their inner self whilst also exploring the nature of the natural world. You are a part of nature and nature is within you, however many have disconnected from their true self through living a life which is not harmonious with nature. The team at Conscious Human Community simply seek to help our participants to re-discover & enter back into a natural state of flow with life and harmony. One of the ways in which we offering this experience is through our 4 hour Meditation & Nature Walk where we will meet at a designated venue to spend some time learning & practicing some very simple techniques for becoming present enough in your body to feel nature flowing through you, seeking to enter into a healthier state & ultimately find oneself experiencing more harmony. After we have become grounded & present enough with ourselves, we will start to energetically reach out to the nature energies around us whilst walking through some spectacular environments in nature. Whilst on our walks, we will have a particular focus on sensing & feeling the nature energies all around us & how they can flow through us to create more harmony, love & joy in our lives. We will take moments of on going appreciation & gratitude for everything in which nature provides & how we can live a life in harmonious flow within ourselves & with the natural world. These experiences are immersive in which you will have the pleasure of experiencing an enormous of joy if you fully allow yourself to embrace the what is being shared. If you are looking for some time away from your day to day experience, in a quite space to re-connect with yourself whilst also learning some very tangible tools & practices in a safe, nurturing space then we would love to share this experience with you. Please note that if you have been drinking alcohol within the previous 48 hours before the 4 hour Meditation & Nature Walk experience, then its best you don't come as your body won't be still enough to experience what is on offer. It's best to experience as much quality sleep, clean water & food as you can leading up to our event so you can immerse yourself into the experience & benefit from our service. We will facilitating the Meditation & Nature Walks on a monthly basis & will likely change the venue & walking environment to provide a variation of experiences with nature.

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